Marketing Hub Pro: HubSpot's Best Deal

Which plan to choose on HubSpot? This is a question that comes up often because HubSpot offers a galaxy of services and functionalities for your company sold in the form of packages called “Hub” and for each Hub, HubSpot offers several subscription levels, ranging from a free version to subscriptions that can easily exceed $1000 per month.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the “Marketing Hub Pro” offer in particular and see together why, in my opinion, this offer is the most interesting and can transform your portal from a simple basic CRM to a real automated and optimized machine for your Marketing actions and their analysis.


  1. Presentation of the HubSpot Marketing Hub Pro Offer
  2. Advantage 1: Better User Comfort
  3. Advantage 2: Optimized Communications Tools
  4. Advantage 3: Analysis and Reporting Tools
  5. The Real Reason to Switch to Marketing Hub Pro: Automation
  6. Endnotes

Presentation of the HubSpot Marketing Hub Pro Offer


The first thing to understand when looking at an all-in-one solution for your business like HubSpot is the interconnectivity between our data and our operational processes that this kind of solution offers.

It is this connectivity and a certain self-dependence that justifies the transition from a “Starter” offer at $45 to a “Pro” offer at $780 monthly.

To understand this, let's take a simple example:

Any company adopting a digital strategy will need several tools such as a CRM, a CMS, an emailing tool, social network management, reporting, appointment scheduling, etc.

If a company moves towards a different tool for each of its needs, the risks and disadvantages are numerous:

  • A different subscription for each tool
  • A complexity in the transfer and the potential loss information between these tools
  • The need to train in the use of different tools
  • The management of a large, unstable and complex gas factory

In summary, the more a company's ecosystem is shared between tools, the higher the monthly bill increases, the less the quality of the information collected from its leads will be qualitative and the more the management of this system will be costly and complex.

HubSpot offers to solve this problem through the acquisition of several Hubs, but let's see together why the Marketing Hub Pro is the best investment for the management of your database and your Marketing actions.


Advantage 1: Better User Comfort


The first benefit is the least impactful but will make a difference as your business grows.

The Marketing Hub Pro brings to your portal a multitude of functionalities improving your comfort of use and collaboration within your team with the addition of a management of your different teams, a possibility of personalize the database views for each of your collaborators, the presence of collaborative tools (shared notes, calendars, tasks, etc.), the possibility of modifying the appearance of contact, company, transaction files.

This offer gives you a better management of your database with the presence of a deduplication tool, the possibility of creating calculation properties as well as lead scoring models for your contacts, companies and transactions.

In short, HubSpot is the central tool of your organization, simplifying the daily life and collaboration of your employees on the tool and will inevitably cause an increase in the productivity of your team.


Advantage 2: Optimized Communications Tools


The second advantage is the fact of integrating new functionalities replacing the most of third-party tools to carry out the majority of your Marketing actions within the same platform.

Marketing Hub Pro allows you to prepare, plan, publish, manage and analyze your social media communications and create advertising audiences based on your database

You can also manage all of your multilingual content, benefit from SEO tools, content strategy and ABM (Account Based Marketing) strategy and hosting videos on your portal.

Within your various Marketing content (Emailing, Landing Pages, etc.), you can carry out A/B testing and ultra-personalization strategies based on the information collected from your leads.


Advantage 3: Analysis and Reporting Tools


Marketing Hub Pro unlocks new analytics tools, such as the ability to create custom reports based on your different objects (contacts, companies, transactions, etc.).

You also have the possibility of organizing your different Marketing assets in the form of Campaigns in order to calculate the ROI of each of your Marketing actions.

In terms of digital analytics, you will find native integration with Google Search Console and a possibility to create filtered views on your various analytical reports.

In addition to these tools, the analytical capacity of Marketing Hub Pro lies in the amount of information collected by HubSpot. Indeed, since the majority of your Marketing actions and visitor behaviors are managed and analyzed by HubSpot, You are able to create reports using all of this information (normally impossible with the use of a multitude of tools).


The Real Reason to Switch to Marketing Hub Pro: Automation


But the real reason, in my opinion, to switch to Marketing Hub Pro lies in a tool: “Automation Workflows”. This simple tab in your portal is what will take your HubSpot portal from a complete tool to a machine with tenfold possibilities.

When other Marketing automation tools are limited to automate the sending of communication and managing them based on contact information. HubSpot also allows you to automatically organize your database to generate new contact information, clean your database, automate operations between your various collaborators and manage all of your marketing and sales processes insofar as the majority of your actions will already be managed by HubSpot .

I often say that on HubSpot, everything is possible, you just have to think about “How”. From the moment HubSpot provides us with a tool that can automate all the functions of a CRM, you are able to increase the effectiveness of your Marketing campaigns tenfold, circumvent certain limitations of your portal and simplify the daily life and productivity of your salespeople and other employees.



The Marketing Hub Pro price is certainly a much larger investment than the “Starter” offer but, in addition to saving you money on other tools, it will really allow you to take your operations to the next level. If you want concrete examples applied to your company's situation, I would be happy to discuss with you what this solution could do for your business.

Grégoire Bolnot


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