Train your Team.


Internationalizing your HubSpot management is key.

But it might be tough to find an "Open and ready to work" HubSpot Specialist...

I am currently designing a complete video training aiming at transforming any employee, apprentice or intern you might dedicate to that job into a real HubSpot Specialist that will guarantee you the full ownership and understanding of your own portal.

My goal with that training :

  • Not letting you give the keys of your HubSpot to a stranger
  • Offering you a lifetime access to that content
  • Allowing you to automatically train all new comers without additional time or cost needed
  • Giving access to your internal HubSpot Specialist to our community and ressources

If you want to be informed once the training is live, please let your details on that form. ➡️

What will you get

Lifetime Access

You can use this training internally to train as many collaborators you want without additional cost


You want to make sure your collaborator get the needed skills before handling your portal ? Your collaborator wants to add HubSpot Management as a new skillset. This training comes with a certification granted by myself after validating those skills.

10+ hours of video content

The goal of that training is to build the most efficients HubSpot specialist that it can be. HubSpot will have no secret anymore

A helpful community

Every trainees will have access to our community aiming to help each other and face new HubSpot challenges together. You can be sure that your specialist will never feel lost.

The best experience for you and your interns/apprentices

What could be more thrilling for an intern or apprentice to get the chance to have a real impact on the company, learn a highly needed and useful skill? At the same time you will enjoy the services of a dedicated HubSpot Specialist without allocating the budget for it.