HubSpot Portal Management: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Perfect Match

HubSpot has become the tool of choice for many businesses thanks to its ability to effectively manage their marketing, sales, and customer service needs. It offers a full suite of features, including content management, lead management, marketing automation, project management, and more.

If you're here, it's probably because you chose HubSpot for these many benefits, but find yourself lost in managing your portal.

As with any powerful tool, managing it can be complex and difficult for inexperienced users. If you're feeling overwhelmed with managing your HubSpot portal, you're not alone.

But don't worry, in this ultimate HubSpot portal management guide, we'll walk you through each step of finding the perfect fit for your business, allowing you to maximize the tool's potential.


  1. Identify your HubSpot portal management needs
  2. The different solutions available to manage your HubSpot portal
  3. Find the perfect candidate
  4. Collaborate effectively with your HubSpot specialist
  5. Endnotes


Identify your HubSpot portal management needs


The first step in our process is to find out whether or not you need better management and if so, what your needs are.

HubSpot is a powerful all-in-one tool that can help your business achieve its goals. However, it is important to understand that to maximize the use of HubSpot, it is necessary to manage its portal well. Indeed, a poorly managed HubSpot portal can quickly become a burden on your business.

You have to understand your HubSpot portal management needs to determine the most appropriate solution. Here are some key points to consider when assessing your HubSpot portal management needs:

In-house skills

Do you have in-house staff capable of managing your HubSpot portal? If so, what is their skill level? Do they have enough experience to ensure that your portal is working properly, that your data is easily accessible and that all the necessary functionalities are used optimally?

Company goals

What are your business goals and how can your HubSpot portal help you achieve them? Managing a portal should be aligned with your business goals to ensure that you are using the most appropriate features and getting the results you want. Does your portal currently fulfill this role?

Portal Complexity

What processes have you already put in place, and what are the future projects? Does your company segment projects into an established schedule or must act in response as soon as possible? The implementation of new projects can quickly make your portal complex to manage, especially for those who do not have the necessary experience. You should assess the complexity of your portal to determine if you need external help with management.


Managing the HubSpot portal can take a lot of time and effort. You need to assess whether you have enough time and resources to manage your portal effectively. If you lack the time or staff to manage your portal, it may be-be necessary to unlock a HubSpot management budget.

In summary, understanding your HubSpot portal management needs is key to determining the best solution for your business. It's important to assess your internal skills, your business goals, the complexity of your portal, and the amount of work required to manage your portal effectively. By checking out my article on 5 signs you need help managing your HubSpot, you can determine if you need help and if so, which solution is most appropriate.


The different solutions available to manage your HubSpot portal


In terms of the solutions available for managing your HubSpot portal, the choice is pretty binary. You can either internalize this management or outsource it. Each of its solutions obviously offers its own advantages and disadvantages.

Internalize the management of its HubSpot portal

Internalizing this skill means to either employing a HubSpot specialist to manage your portal, or training one of your employees to manage it.

Managing a HubSpot portal involves accessing and manipulating all of your company's customer and prospect data in addition to controlling and managing the automation of your operations. Internalizing this key skill guarantees you a certain security of your data and significant savings on the costs related to the outsourcing of the management of your portal.

However, HubSpot expertise is a niche skill and it can be relatively complicated to hire a specialist ready to manage and optimize your portal.

The choice to train an employee in the use and management of the platform is a good alternative also allowing your employee to build skills on rare expertise. HubSpot Academy offers a wealth of training related to the use of their tool and various marketing and sales theories. However, these lessons will not turn your collaborator into a specialist ready to get the most out of the platform in a week.

Check out my advice on how to internalize the management of your HubSpot portal if you want to dive deeper into this solution.

Outsource the management of your HubSpot portal

There are two types of providers when it comes to HubSpot portal management: HubSpot agencies and HubSpot specialists.

These two types of services are very different and meet two specific needs.

HubSpot agencies, more than managing your portal, will focus mainly on the deployment of marketing actions and campaigns using the HubSpot tool. Going through a HubSpot agency is like outsourcing your marketing strategy.

A HubSpot specialist, on the other hand, focuses their efforts and time on managing, optimizing, and automating your portal and operations.

Find my comparison between HubSpot agency and HubSpot specialist to determine which service is best suited to your needs.

If your need concerns the optimization of your portal for data management or operational automation, a HubSpot specialist will often be the most suitable and flexible solution.


Find the perfect candidate


Now that you've determined which type of management is best suited for your business, it's time to find the perfect candidate.

Finding a HubSpot specialist can be a difficult and tricky task, especially if you don't know exactly what you're looking for.

I have, in an article, listed all the necessary steps to recruit the perfect HubSpot specialist for your company.

In this article you will learn how to identify the needs of your company, where to find qualified profiles, how to assess their competence and the red flags to avoid for your candidates.


Collaborate effectively with your HubSpot specialist


Collaborating effectively with your HubSpot specialist is key to maximizing the quality of your database and automations. Here are some best practices to follow for successful collaboration:

Set clear goals

Before working with your HubSpot specialist, be sure to clearly define your business goals. Then, talk to your HubSpot specialist to find out how HubSpot can help achieve those goals.

Communicate regularly

It's important to communicate regularly with your HubSpot specialist to monitor progress and discuss any adjustments to your strategy. Schedule regular meetings to discuss results and future goals.

Share knowledge

Your HubSpot specialist has valuable expertise in using the tool. On your side, you are the expert of your company and your market. By sharing your respective knowledge, you can collaborate more effectively to achieve your company's goals.

Be open to advice

Your HubSpot specialist works with many clients and has extensive experience in what works and what doesn't. Be open to advice from your HubSpot specialist and put it into practice to improve your strategy.

By following these best practices, you can effectively collaborate with your HubSpot specialist to achieve your goals and maximize your business results.

To go further, you can consult the 6 mistakes not to make with your HubSpot specialist.




Finding the perfect match for managing your company's HubSpot portal is no easy task. Through this article, I hope I have been able to guide your research and avoid pitfalls that could negatively impact your business.

HS Simple allows you to collaborate with HubSpot specialists over the long term to optimize the use of your tool.

If you want to discuss with me your search for a HubSpot specialist, I will be happy to help you.

Grégoire Bolnot


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